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Vật Tư Tàu Biển

                                            About us
VTTB was established in 2012 as a supplier of cargo lashing materials and equipment.
VTTB offers a comprehensive package of lashing products from the nuts and bolts to heavy lifting devices
Nowadays the securing of cargo on ships is increasingly bound more to regulations.
This is an important improvement as no cargo vessel will be shifted without cargo securing.
Especially, correct cargo securing equipment can prevent the risk of cargo displacement and damages during transportation
With our broad range of lashing materials and equiment we can assist you in finding the right cargo securing solutions adapted to your needs.
We always places great emphasis on quality control such that only quality products are processed and delivered to our valued clients.
With our strong experience, we can obtain good quality product with a reasonable price at favourable conditions.
To reduce miscommunication, we use IMPA & ISSA catalogues extensively to identify the items your vessel requires.
All products sold are inspected, tested and closely monitored to ensure that the product characteristics meet prevailing international standards and requirements.
We also stock thousands of second hand cargo lashing related products
We are 24 hours a day – 7 days a week ready for you to execute your order as quickly and smoothly as possible.
We will find an optimal and cost effective way to achive your order to ensure us as your reliable partner
Materials in use:
Lashing Chain  ,  Tensioner  ,  D-Ring  , Stopper Plate  ,  Lashing Bar 
Eye Hook  , C-Hook  ,   Elephant Feet
Shackle  ,  Turnbuckle  ,  Buckle
Lashing Belt  ,  Cargo Tie Down ,  Wire Rope  ,  Wire Rope Clip  , Steel Strapping
Websling  , Round sling 
Wood Dunnage  ,  Timber  ,  Tarpaulin
Electrical Insulation 1000V , Stanley Insulation Screwdriver Set 
Hand tools , Hose & Coupling


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