Grease Bucket Pumps Hand Operated

  • Grease Bucket Pumps Hand Operated specially designed pluger easily bullds lube pressure up to 27 Mpa even under low loading pressure .
  • Suitable for all sorts of marine , machinery, vehicles, airplanes, etc. The efficient instrument for infusing grease powerfully for lubrication &maintenance purpose.
  • Suitable for lubricant grease, gear grease or general non-corrosive solvent: all can be infused into smoothly.
  • Quick and easy openable cover , adjustable carry handle , lever operated pump mounted on cover of drum, removable handle , spring loaded disc is placed in side the drum to make positive pressure or easy pumping of grease .
  • Do not replace spilled grease from the floor into the container  .
  • The pressure hose and the unit should always be kept clean .
  • Release pressure when not in use.

Impa Code 617516