Grease Lubricators Air Operated

  • Grease Lubricators Air Operated can be used in ships, automobiles, machine tools, and other industries. Gasket and air vent in lid assembly makes unit completely dust-proof, leak-proof and spill-proof.

  • The grease pump is designed for effectively controlling the noise, blocking the propagation of sound waves, and allowing air flow through .

  • Constructed with high quality zinc alloy with chrome coating for super durability and long-lasting performance .

  • Equipped with an inverted U-shape handle and four rolling wheels, the air operated grease pump is easy to handle and transport, features safety and reliability, low energy consumption, accurate working pressure, simple operation and high efficiency.

  • 20L/5 gallon grease bucket, made of high-quality alloy, has high hardness, good toughness, sturdiness & durability. Rubber seal piston isolates pollution and keeps the oil clean.

  • The pressure gauge, precision-manufactured, owns a clear scale to reflect the pressure in real-time. The pressure limiting valve enables to adjust the pressure through actual data.

  • The sturdy & durable air operated grease gun has anti-rust and anti-corrosion features. The biggest advantage lies in 360 ° all-round rotation, which satisfies multi-scenario applications.

Grease Lubricators Air Operated