Hose Band Interlock Type

  • Hose Band Interlock Type is the most secure way to install Chicago type hose coupling . 
  • The top of the clamp has fingers that interlock with a ring on the hose coupling. The clamp features 2, 4, or 6 bolts depending on hose diameter.
  • The inside of the clamp shells have serrations that press into the cover of the hose for increased grip. Hose can change in diameters over long term.
  • Hose can change in diameters over long term pressurization. Torque should be checked on these clamps to ensure that the coupling stays tight.
  • The inside diameter listed must match the hose size, and the hose outside diameter must fall into the range listed.
  • The interlocking lip will vary by hose inside diameter, and the clamp will not fit the hose if it does not fit within the outside diameter range.

Interlocking Hose Band