Pneumatic Flux Chipper

  • Pneumatic Flux Chipper is made of a stainless steel metal shell which has higher strength and durability , pressure and explosion resistance.

  • Pneumatic Flux chipper is a specialized tool used in various industrial applications, particularly in metalworking and construction.

  • Suitable for scaling , chipping rust , cleaning metal surfaces and welding before the opening groove, weld slag after welding, flat solder scar, correction of the opening work of stone, concrete and brick wall.

  • The Pneumatic Flex Chipper is powered by compressed air, which is supplied through an air hose connected to an air compressor.

  • After each stroke, the piston retracts, pulling the blade back into the chipper body, readying it for the next strike.

  • Small size, easy to carry and store, convenient to use and with good performance.

  • Simple installation and simple operation, can adapt to most work conditions.

  • Equipped with two different specifications of shovel : Spare Bent Chisel and Spare Flat Chisel .

Pneumatic Flux Chipper