Pneumatic Jet Chisel JT 20

  • Pneumatic Jet Chisel JT 20 is a versatile and powerful tool designed for various applications in Construction sites , Metal fabrication, Automotive repair , Shipbuilding , Demolition work , Maintenance and repair tasks in various industries .

  • The JT 20 operates using compressed air, making it suitable for use in environments where electricity may not be readily available or safe to use.

  • It is equipped with a high-performance pneumatic motor that delivers strong and consistent power for efficient chiseling. 

  • The chisel of the JT 20 can be easily adjusted to accommodate different angles and depths, providing versatility for various chiseling requirements.

  • It includes safety features such as a trigger lock mechanism to prevent accidental operation and ensure operator safety.

  • The JT 20 is designed for easy maintenance, with accessible components for quick cleaning and servicing, minimizing downtime.

  • The Pneumatic Jet Chisel JT20 is a reliable and efficient tool for professionals who require high-performance chiseling capabilities in their work.

Pneumatic Jet Chisel JT 20