Screw Pin Type Shackle-SHSC

  • Screw Pin Type Shackle-SHSC are used to connect lifting components in a wide range of rigging, lifting, and material handling operations.
  • The body is the chain shape (D type) - Standard : 6:1.
  • Chain Shackles are narrower than anchor shackles with smaller loops designed to accommodate high loads for in-line/straight pulling applications.
  • The narrow bow is designed to support a heavier load than an anchor shackle of similar size.
  • They feature a screw pin or round pin closure for easy assembly and disassembly.
  • Ensure that the center line of the load coincides with the center line of the shackle.
  • Chain shackles should not be side loaded, as side loading can twist or bend the bow of the shackle.

Screw Pin Type Shackle-SHSCScrew Pin Type Shackle-SHSC