How Many Types Of Lifeboats Used On Ships ?

How Many Types Of Lifeboats Used On Ships ?

   Lifeboats play an important role on ships and in case of an eventuality, they’re the means by which lives can be saved and the crew can travel safely ashore. Each ship, depending on where it is manufactured, is fitted with a different type of lifeboat. Companies have to follow strict regulations regarding the number of lifeboats on board and the upkeep of these is of central importance for a ship to meet and pass safety standards.

   Lifeboats can also be kept on shore to rescue people who are in trouble at sea. These small rigid vessels, which can also be referred to as elaborate versions of a life raft, are secured on the ship into davits which allows it to be launched from the side of the ship, saving crucial escape time as it uses minimal mechanical assistance to be launched allowing an early escape. Besides rescuing people from a dangerous situation, a lifeboat is also required to have essential survival equipment for the people on board the lifeboat to use to survive until they receive help.

   There are three different types of lifeboats, each type serves a purpose and is partnered with a vessel that it is compatible with. The following are the three broad types:

Open Lifeboat

Lifeboat Launching Procedure

   As the name suggests, the open lifeboat has no roof and is normally propelled by manual power by using hand-propelled ores. Compression ignition engine may also be provided for the propulsion purpose. However, open lifeboats are becoming obsolete now because of stringent safety norms, but one may find them on an older ship.

  The open lifeboat doesn’t help much in rain or bad weather and the possibility of water ingress in the highest.

Closed Lifeboat

Annual inspection davit systems

  Closed lifeboats are the most popular lifeboats that are used on ships, for they are enclosed which saves the crew from seawater, strong wind and rough weather. Moreover, the watertight integrity is higher in this type of lifeboat and it can also get upright on its own if toppled over by waves.

  Closed lifeboats are further classified as – Partially enclosed and fully enclosed lifeboats.

Free Fall Lifeboat

Freefall Lifeboat Inspection

  Freefall lifeboat is similar to an enclosed lifeboat but the process of launching is entirely different. They are aerodynamic in nature and thus the boat can penetrate the water without damaging the body when launched from the ship.

  The free-fall lifeboat is located at the aft of the ship, which provides a maximum clear area for free fall.



Practical Tips for Safe Gas Welding and Cutting Operations On Ships

Practical Tips for Safe Gas Welding and Cutting Operations On Ships

Make sure before carrying out any kind of hot work, the hot work checklist and risk assessment forms have been duly filled. Also, do not forget to follow all safety procedures while carrying out such jobs in enclosed spaces.


Fire Fighting Appliances And Preventive Measures On Board

Fire Fighting Appliances And Preventive Measures On Board

One of the main causes of accidents onboard ships is fire. This is because of the presence of high temperature, excess quantity of flammable oil and other combustible materials. A ship is approved to sail in international waters only if it is constructed as per Fire Safety System code and carries required fire fighting Appliances approved by the concerned authority .


Troubleshooting Marine Air Compressor

Troubleshooting Marine Air Compressor

Marine Air Compressor system used on board is very important to the marine engineer and without any air the ship would soon become a dead ship. The various parts of the compressed air system, be it the compressors, the pipe lines, or the air bottles have to be maintained in good condition.


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