Steel Snatch Block Double Sheave

  • Double Sheave Snatch Blocks are used to change the direction of one or more ropes.
  • Side opening link permits quick, easy insertion of rope or cable without threading
  •  The inclined angle of the rope and the pulley must not be greater than 4 degrees, the direction of the cable and the direction of the pulley is correct to avoid the rope from the card or card position.
  • With the pulley when lifting, can not grasp the rope by hand, if you want to adjust, should be adjusted by the lift bar. When the pulley is in the lifting capacity, the lifting speed must not exceed the specified.
  • When using multiple gears, if using only one of them, the weight must be reduced and the center of weight must go through the center of the tackle.
  • When the trolley is used for navigation, the payload must be smaller than the rated lift capacity, otherwise it will be overloaded and easily endangered.
  • Double Sheave,eye type & hook type
  • Capacity from 0.5t to 10t