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Welcome To VTTB Ship Services

     VTTB Ship Service is a major marine repair and conversion contractor serving ship owners, ship management companies and maritime operators worldwide. Our dedicated team of professionals work together to ensure customers receive the highest levels of service at all times. All employees have received intensive technical training to ensure they can handle the tough demands of multiple site environments.

     We are your partner who has the necessary competences for all aspects from ship hull damage to crane system or hatch cover modification, in particular, temporary repairs are selected for a quick continuation of the voyage or dry-docking. VTTB has extensive experience in fault detection, analysis, overhaul, automation and on-site repair of main engine and propulsion systems.

     Our skilled personnel have the know-how and the equipment to perform all kinds of maintenance and electrical installation on board. Whatever the task, from renovation of your entire electrical systems or tank cleaning to load test, we have full facilities to ensure that downtime is kept to the absolute minimum

     Regardless of where the vessel calls at terminals and in port whether it is at berth or anchorages of Vietnam, we will make sure your vessel meets the operational requirements and complies with classification rules and regulations. We firmly believe in building long lasting partnerships based on our tailored services, professionalism, experiences and consistent performance to manage and maintain the quality of service we could offer our customers.

  • Hot Works
  • Electrical & Electronic System
  • Mechanical Engine
  • Piping & Valve Works
  • Further Services
  • Cargo Lashing & Securing & Stevedore
  • Packing Works: Cover Tarpaulin & Net
  • Exhaust Gas Cleaning System Inspection And Troubleshooting
  • Windlass, Winch, Deck Crane Repair Works
  • Pump, Steering Gear, Air Compressor, AC And Reefer Unit Repair / Inspection
  • Boiler Repair Works
  • Annual Ship Elevator Inspection
  • Underwater Diving Works
  • Main Engine And Auxiliary Engine Repair And Inspection

       VTTB has committed to earn its well-regarded reputation by providing highest quality of services at minimum permissible of time with an effective budget and reliability of just in time delivery

Electrical Installations  & Automated Systems

Our Electrical & Automated Systems Services Include: Let Us Help !

  • Rewind Electric Motor – Generator – Transformer In AC / DC
  • Cleaning Generator – Megger Testing Service
  • Impeller – Rotor Balancing
  • Switchboard – Control Panel- Starter System
  • Power Pack – Electro Generator – Automatic Voltage Regulator
  • Center Alarm System – Panel-Lines -Lighting
  • Boiler Controls
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Gas Detector (Repair – Calibration)
  • Oil Mist Detector – Remote Control System
  • Calibration Of Pressure Sensors – Temperature Sensors
  • Repair Main Circuit Breaker
  • Gyro Compass Repair – Adjustment
  • GMDSS – Radio Survey
  • Automatic Data Acquisition And Logging Systems
  • Automatic Control Of The Electrical Plant
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature Comparators
  • Pump And Compressor Controls
  • Main Machinery Safety Features
  • Remote Control Of Main Machinery

Piping & Valve Works

Maintenance And Repair Of Piping And Valve Systems: Let Us Help !

  • Bilge – Ballast Water System
  • Air Vent – Sounding – Draining Systems
  • Fuel – Diesel – Lube – Thermal Oil System
  • Cooling – Fresh Water System
  • Cargo Tanker – Chemical Tanker Pipelines
  • Air – Steam – Foam – CO2- Fire Systems
  • Sea Chest – Safety Valves Renewal & Testing
  • All Kind Of Pipe Modification And Pipe Repair Works For Ship System


  • Heating Coil Repair Works
  • Hydraulic Pipes Fabrication And Installation
  • Exhaust Gas Bellow & Pipe Renewal Works
  • Manifold Reducer Spool Fabrication
  • Expansion Joints Fabrication And Installation
  • Sampling Flange Fabrication

Mechanical Engine Works

Our Range Of The Following Repair And Overhaul Includes: Let Us Help !

  • Main Engine (2 or 4 Stroke Engine)
  • Auxiliary Engine – Generator – Governor
  • Fuel Injection Pump – Cargo Pump – Ballast Pump
  • Fuel Oil Separator
  • Air Compressor – Turbocharger – Cooler
  • Shaft Propeller – Bow – Stern Thruster
  • Crane – Gear System-Hydraulic System
  • Overhauling Of Mooring & Windlass Winch
  • Valve Seat Ring And Liner Renewal Works
  • Mooring & Windlass Winch Brake Liner Renewal Works
  • Mooring & Windlass Winch Brake Holding Test
  • Davit’s Winch Drum Overhauling Works
  • Pump Seal Renewal Works
  • Repairing And Cleaning Of Auxiliary Boiler
  • Renewal Of Tube Plate, Water Tubes, Smoke Tubes, Stay Tubes For Auxiliary Boiler
  • Overhaul And Cleaning Of Mounting Valves, Safety Valves For Boiler Survey
  • Repairing Of Auxiliary Boiler Furnace, Tubes For Economizer, Boiler Control Unit And Burner Unit

Hot Works – Hull Repair & Steel Construction Works

Our Hot Works Include: Let Us Help !

  • Hull Steel Repair – Renewal With Class Approval
  • Welding Repair With NDT – UT Test
  • Aluminum Gangway Repair
  • Anchor Chain Repair – Renewal Works
  • Preparing Repair Plan – Presenting It To Class For Approval
  • Preparing Repair Specification (Including Thickness Measurement)
  • Crane –Hatch Cover –Cell Guide Repairs
  • Reconditioning Of Shell, Deck And Steel Constructions
  • Repairing Of Fuel Tank, Water Ballast Tank, Fresh Water Tank
  • Renewal Of Sea Water And Fresh Water Pipes, Fuel Oil Pipes, Hydraulic Pipes
  • Fixing Of Hatch Covers, Hydraulic Jack For Hatch Covers
  • Repairing And Fabrication Of Accommodation Ladders

Cargo Lashing & Securing – Stevedore Services – Packaging Services – Cargo Protective Cover Tarpaulin

  • Waterproof Cargo Covering PVC Tarpaulin : Machine & Equipment – Industrial Equipment – Wind Tower – Container …
  • Packaging services : Wooden Crate – Making Wooden Case – Making Wood Pallet – Wood Baling Services –  Collapsible Wooden Case – Shrink Wrapping

Further Services

A Wide Selection Of Our Maintenance Services Include: Let Us Help !

  • Cargo Tank – Ballast Tank Cleaning
  • Underwater Cleaning – Repair – Welding
  • Maintenance – Load Test Of Lifeboats – Launching Appliances On Load Release Gear
  • Maintenance – Load Test Of Gangway & Crane
  • Hull Surface Treatment (e.g. Sandblasting – Painting – High Pressure Washing)
  • Ship Painting – Scaffolding Works
  • Insulation Works